Session Plans

What is Minecraft Church?

Minecraft Church is a creative style of church in which adults and children explore stories from the Bible together. It was pioneered by Rev Kevin Colyer – you can read more about his work at and See also this video produced by the Church of England:

When is Minecraft Church?

The fourth Sunday of the month, at 3pm.

Upcoming dates in 2024:

  • 25th February;
  • 24th March;
  • 28th April;
  • 26th May;
  • 23rd June.

There won’t be Minecraft Church in July or August.

Who can come?

Everyone is welcome, whatever your age or Minecraft skill (or lack of it!)

What do I need?

Anyone wanting to play Minecraft needs access to a device with pocket edition installed (a tablet, iPad or phone), and a free Microsoft account. Minecraft costs about £7 to install on this sort of device. The church has a few spares for those without access to a device. If you don’t want to play Minecraft you can still get involved using other kinds of crafts! You can respond creatively using lego, play dough, drawing, or feel free to bring a craft of your choice!

What if I don’t usually go to church?

Minecraft Church is for you! You don’t have to be a Christian, a regular (or irregular) church goer or connected to a church in any way to come along and have fun at Minecraft Church.

How much does it cost?

Minecraft Church is free. If you can make a donation towards the refreshments that’s great … but not compulsory!!

Why Minecraft ?

Minecraft Church recognises that creativity can be a great way to learn about, respond to and engage with the Bible. Minecraft allows the creation of a whole world, looking at the context, the relationships and the stories in an immersive and extremely engaging way. Participants don’t just listen to the story, they create it, gaining lots of new insights in the process.

What happens at Minecraft Church?

Each event is based around a Bible story or theme.

We have a short time of free play, to allow everyone to arrive and get settled. Usually there will then be a game and a short prayer.

We have a time of storytelling to introduce the story, then get creating in response – this might mean creating buildings, crowds, boats, food, animals.  We don’t just use Minecraft – you can respond creatively using lego, art, play dough – you could even bring some knitting along! As we create, we discuss different aspects of the story and then share our reflections at the end.

The session ends with a prayer – Minecrafters let off fireworks, while the rest of us say Amen!

Can I join online?

Initially, Minecraft Church at KMC will be offline (in person) only. An online Minecraft Church is run by Rev Kevin Colyer, and more details of this can be found at

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in Minecraft Church and/or would like to be informed when the sessions will be held, please email