Young people

There are those who regard children and young people as ‘the church of tomorrow’….but not us! We try very hard to remember that they are an integral part of the church of TODAY.

Throughout the pandemic we have delivered Junior Church activities to every family in our congregation with a range of crafts to do at home. Here are a couple of recent examples:

On Sunday mornings we usually begin by worshipping together, before primary age children are invited to join our Junior Church, which never fails to impress with its faith-based crafts, teaching and creativity. For older children, we are currently developing new ideas, so watch this space! We also have a creche available every morning, with the service delivered via loud speaker.

Outside of worship time, we have Zac Pack, for children of primary age.

Jesus said we all have to become like kids if we’re ever going to enter the kingdom of heaven, so it’s a privilege to be able to look, share and learn from our own young people.

A spontaneous acting out of a story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath
A bit of fun – we’d been learning about Jesus cooking fish for the disciples after his resurrection, when the children decided to use their crafts to perform Baby Shark!