Junior Church

John Anderson

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YouTube playlist for 26th July worship

Gathering Song, chosen by John Winterbottom


Introductions and Welcome and Opening Prayer (for the text, see below)

Welcome! I’m Rev John Anderson, one of the four Presbyteral ministers in the Oxford Circuit. This Sunday the readings include the familiar parables that Jesus told about the Kingdom of Heaven being like yeast and a mustard seed.

First, let us begin with a time of prayer – let us pray:

God of life,
whose love enfolds us,
and spirit fills us,
we praise your holy name.

God of joy,
whose sunrise wakes us,
and sunset amazes us,
we praise your holy name.

God of hope,
whose promise sustains us,
and power upholds us,
we praise your holy name.

God of love,
whose patience humbles us,
and touch can heal us,
we praise your holy name.

God of peace,
who breaks down barriers,
and walls that divide us,
we praise your holy name.

God of eternity,
who has always loved us,
and by grace has saved us,
we praise your holy name

Spend a moment thinking about all that God is and has done for us, and consider your individual response to God’s grace.

God of all ages,
who from generation to generation
has heard the cries of your children
humbly seeking forgiveness,
and has welcomed sinners
back into your embrace,
hear the thoughts of our hearts,
examine our motives,
forgive us our faults,
of word and action.
We ask this through your Son,
who died that we might know
the true cost of forgiveness.

Copyright © John Birch, 2016, www.faithandworship.com


StF 254: Seek ye first the kingdom of God


Matthew 13: 31–33 and 44–52

Romans 8:26–39

Reflection (for a copy of the text, see below)


Prayer (for the text, see below)

For all whose day starts with anxiety,
as they leave the security of home
worrying about the risk of infection;
particularly those whose health
or age classifies them as vulnerable.
Loving God, be close, keep them safe,
along with all whose tasks today
includes the care of frail and elderly.
And for all of us, grant wisdom
to make sensible choices, not just
for ourselves, but for everybody.

Gracious God, let us never forget,
as daily life becomes more difficult
and restrictions cause annoyance,
that there are many for whom
this has been normality for years;
affected by long-term drought
or destructive storms; struggling
in poverty, or through violence
forced to adopt the life of refugee.
May we remember to be thankful
for what we have, and work together
selflessly for all who need our help.

We pray for this world’s leaders,
with difficult decisions to make
affecting the lives of so many.
May they be guided not by
any personal agenda, but work
for the common good of all,
that this world might be led
to a better place, where trust
and honesty are the values
both sought and demonstrated
in those we choose to lead us.

Loving God, what we desire is this;
that people see not us, but through
our smile, greeting, helping hand
or helpful word, your love reach out
and touch, maybe at a time of need.
Keep us focussed through this day
on being your servants in this place,
or wherever you might take us,
and may your name be glorified.

Copyright © John Birch, 2020 www.faithandworship.com

The Lord’s Prayer (Traditional form)


Be thou my vision

Final Prayers (for the text, see below)

The love of God be the passion in your heart.
The joy of God your strength when times are hard.
The presence of God a peace that overflows.
The Word of God the seed that you might sow.

Copyright © John Birch, 2016 www.faithandworship.com

And the blessing of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit remain with us always. Amen

Organ Voluntary

Chorale-Improvisation on ‘Nun danket Alle Gott’, by Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Sister Mihovila Tenzera plays the organ of Radolfzell Minster, Germany