Church Action Plan

We are looking for your comments on a Church Action Plan that has been accepted by the Church Council as a tool for Transformation. It aims to describe and inspire development of the church’s work in Kidlington and provide concrete evidence that supports grant applications.

Please do respond to the Church Action Plan by emailing:

As witnesses of God’s love and followers of Jesus we so much wish to be a good neighbour and respond in practical ways to the needs of the people of Kidlington and the wider world. Here are some examples:

  1. Create a truly accessible place for the community to include support for vision, hearing, mobility, developmental and other disabilities.
  2. Address ecological concerns, to include energy use, support of a local natural environment, use of sustainable products
  3. Provide a flexible, low-cost meeting place for other local organisations supporting the Kidlington Community.

To meet this vision, we plan to

  • Refurbish our main hall to be adaptable, energy efficient and fully accessible.
  • Create a larger, more welcoming foyer with refreshment facilities.
  • Upgrade our toilets and access to the rear hall and kitchen.
  • Address interior design, vision and sound systems all to be as inclusive as we can.

Following a period of consultations, we have an attractive plan for these developments that has now received Local Authority Planning Permission.

The church has been working enthusiastically for the transformation, having raised more than £60,000 and received a promise of a further £50,000 from the Oxford Circuit. But we need another £170,000 to reach our target £270,000.

You can help by making a donation:

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Be it large or small, your help in achieving our goal will be greatly appreciated.

artist's impression of new entrance

Join with us to build a warm welcome, a safe space – Caring for Kidlington!

If you have any questions, please email: