Our current recycling is as follows:

Terracycle Bin outside

  • Pringles tubes (no lids)
  • All brands Coffee bean and ground coffee pouches, individual coffee bag sachets, large bags of teabags
  • Electric toothbrush heads & covers, flosser nozzles, sticks and interdental brushes, floss containers, manual toothbrushes.

Indoor Bins (or leave in a bag next to the outdoor bins)

  • Eyewear including: spectacles, loose lenses, sunglasses, safety and swimming goggles. No cases.
  • Writing instruments, highlighters, marker pens, ballpoints, colouring pens, correcting fluid, fountain pens, No pencils

Other recycling tips

The Baptist Church has a recycling point for printer cartridges which is accessible when the church is open. This is in aid of Tearfund.

Most flexible plastic can be recycled in our Supermarkets.  This includes crisp packets, peel-off tops of yogurt pots etc. Foil can be scrunched up and put in blue bins, shiny tops that cannot be scrunched up are plastic and should be returned to supermarkets.

Refilling plastic bottles of detergent, dish washing liquid etc. can be refilled at the Crafters Emporium in Kidlington Centre and also in Yarnton Garden Centre where nearly everything you use for cooking can be bought loose using your own containers or a paper bag.  Go take a look. It’s amazing!

Reuse remember Freegle and The A&C market for getting or giving unwanted items,  Oxfam online is a good source of preloved items.

Save waste  ‘OddBox’ sell boxes of fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away.  Support the Climatarian Larder in Exeter Hall.