At Kidlington Methodist Church

Cheese packaging, flexible, including babybel nets and labels – box in foyer, bin in car park

Pringles tubes and lids – bin in car park

In the Sunshine Room – bin for

  1. Writing instruments – ballpoints, markers, highlighters, fountain pens, correction fluid NO pencils
  2. Marigold gloves, disposable gloves and wrappers
  3. Medicine blister packs – NO bottles, inhalers, old medicines

Box for Eye Wear – glasses, loose lenses, sun glasses, swimming and safety goggles. No cases.

72 Green Road

Red Bin outside house for Marigolds, Eyewear, Pringles and writing instruments as above

In Kidlington and surrounding area

Flexible plastic packaging – can now be recycled with carrier bags at Tescos, Sainsburys and the Co-op.

Crisps packets – Marlborough School

Contact lenses – Cherwell Opticians, High Street

Crisp packets, biscuits wrappers and babyfood pouches – Terracycle at Botley Co-op

Silica gel sachets (e.g. from Lateral Flow test kits) – can be reused by Ashmolean Museum