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Minecraft Church: 22nd October 2023


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Genesis 1-2


As with many stories early in the Old Testament, it looks as if there are two main strands of story in Genesis 1–2. The variety is a hint that this is not a scientific textbook! There are two stories about creation here: the first one goes through day by day: light and darkness; sky and earth; sea and land with plants; sun, moon and stars; sea creatures and birds; and finally land animals and humans.… Read more

Minecraft Church: 24th September 2023

The Workers in the Vineyard

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Matthew 20: 1-16


This story can sound strange to us because it seems unfair. The owner (the word is actually the same word as “lord”) treats people equally whatever they deserve or have earned.

It comes between two stories which also have the first last and the last first: a rich man who was upset because Jesus told him to sell what he owned, and the mother of James and John asking for them to have the best seats in Jesus’s kingdom. Today’s… Read more

Minecraft Church: 23rd July 2023

The Parable of the Weeds

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Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43


Jesus tells some stories at a time when both the Pharisees and his own family are criticising him. In this story some weeds get in the way of the growing wheat. The weeds were probably a plant called darnel.… Read more

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