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Genesis 6-9:17

Key People

Noah’s wife
Shem, Ham, and Japheth
Other people
Lots of animals!


The story is probably a mixture of two versions of a local legend (perhaps originating in a real flood some 5000 years ago); but instead of the gods continuing to be fickle and destructive, this Israelite edition ends with God showing mercy and promising faithfulness. God hangs up the bow, like an archer when peace comes.

In the language used there seems to be a strong link between ‘corruption’ and ‘destruction’, almost as if it was inevitable. Might this say something to our modern ideas of how human mistakes can lead to a dangerous rise in sea level?

The Ark was massive (in our modern measurements, perhaps 12 double-decker buses long, 9 double-decker buses wide, and 3 double-decker buses high). God closed the door on all those differences and left them to work it out. How many animals and how long they were in there isn’t clear: for example, one version says there are two of each animal, but the other says there are 14 of most of them. A tight squeeze, even on all those buses.

The mountains of Ararat where the Ark came to rest (‘Noah’ means ‘rest’ — and, incidentally, ‘favour’ written backwards — suggesting this is the stuff of legend) are probably now the border regions between Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Iran.


Icebreaker/quickbuild  Make an object – we will tell you what you have to create and give you five minutes to work on it!
Story/lobby Make your way into church – collect a firework on your way in. We will read the first prayer (laminated sheets) and listen to the story.
Refreshments are served!
/Noahs-Ark You have 20 minutes or so to build something in response to the story, either on your own, or team up with others.  A half-submerged village?An ark?Some scared villagers?Some animals (you can’t spawn animals, but you could build some!)   If you don’t fancy building you can go back to the home village (/lobby) and read the story again in the church, or read some of the other stories in the library, or you might want to just explore the world, or work on your house.
Wonder Genesis 6-9:17While you are creating, think about these questions with the adults on your table.   I Wonder:  which part of this story you like the best?what part is the most important?where you are in this story or what part of the story is about you?if there is any part of this story we can leave out and still have all the story we need?   There are many other things that can make us WONDER – what are you thinking about?
Final Prayer/lobby Back to the church for our final prayer (laminated sheet)
Dance/lobby We’ll put some music on and let your Minecraft characters dance about using jumping or emotes!
GamesWe will disconnect the server and then ask you to rejoin. This time it will be a games server. Today’s game – ice boat racing! Free play while the adults tidy up!!