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Spring Cleaning

Watch on YouTube/read the Bible story online


Mark 1:21-28


This looks to be a story of the kind of thing Jesus did: we could translate it he “used to teach” in the synagogue. Capernaum is at the northern end of the Sea of Galilee, and Jesus spent a lot of time there. There might have been about 1500 people living in Capernaum — quite a bit smaller than Kidlington! In those days synagogues were probably places where all sorts of community activities happened. Any suitable man could teach from the scriptures; but Jesus was probably different from the “scribes” because they are likely to have mostly quoted other people, whereas Jesus had his own authority. Under the influence of other cultures, the Jewish people had developed a belief in demons or “unclean spirits” which were an explanation of forces opposed to God. Sometimes they were associated with illness, perhaps especially what we would recognise today as mental illness. In the story the unclean spirit names Jesus (this was thought to be a way of having power over someone) but Jesus tells it to be quiet and come out of the man. Jesus shows he can free people from oppression and things which keep them apart from God.


Icebreaker/quickbuild  Make an object – we will tell you what you have to create and give you five minutes to work on it!
Story/home Make your way into church. We will read the first prayer (laminated sheets) and listen to the story.

Refreshments are served!
/home We are going to spend this session in our village, spring cleaning and getting ready for the new year. Ideas:

● Build, perfect or tidy your house
● Fill a chest with useful things
● Build paths between houses to make it a better community
● Build some community facilities – we have a library, but how about a school or a swimming pool, or a games area?
● Clear the ground to make space for new builds

Remember this is about clearing out bad influences and distractions, and clearing the way for good things and good choices to come. Jesus can help us do this if we ask him!
WonderWhile you are creating, think about these questions with the adults on your table.
I Wonder: 
● which part of this story you like the best?
● what part is the most important?
● where you are in this story or what part of the story is about you?
● if there is any part of this story we can leave out and still have all the story we need?
There are many other things that can make us WONDER – what are you thinking about?
Final Prayer/home Back to the church for our final prayer (laminated sheet)
Dance/home We’ll put some music on and let your Minecraft characters dance about using jumping or emotes!
GamesFree play while the adults tidy up!!