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The Christmas story we’ve probably known from school nativity plays comes from two different gospels in the Bible. Mark’s gospel jumps straight in with John the Baptist introducing Jesus. John’s gospel talks about the meaning of Jesus’s birth but doesn’t tell the story. So we’re left with Matthew and Luke; and they tell the story in different ways. Matthew focuses on Joseph and we start in Bethlehem. It’s Joseph who is visited by an angel. Then the Wise Men come: their very different religious studies led them to find Jesus. The family then head to Egypt to escape from Herod. When they come back they decide to settle in Nazareth because it’s safer. In Luke’s story, we start in Nazareth and there is a journey to Bethlehem. Luke focuses on Mary, who is visited by an angel. Mary and Elizabeth meet up and once Jesus is born it is the shepherds who visit. A famous part of school nativity plays is that there was “no room at the inn” — but this could actually mean “no space in the spare room”, so Joseph and Mary had to try to sleep with the animals round the back of the house.


We’re doing something a bit different this time!

We are going to build the Christmas story!

  • Watch the YouTube video – note all the locations and buildings at those locations.

What is the terrain like?  What do the buildings look like?  How far is the journey? Which people appear at each location?

  • Join the world. We will decide together which coordinates are best to use for Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  • Decide what you would like to build. We can work individually or in small teams to build the different locations.
  • Act out the story? If there is time, we could take on roles and act out the story within Minecraft.