A Samaritan Village Refuses to Receive Jesus

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Luke 9: 51-62


A Samaritan village refuses to let Jesus stay there when they discover he is going to Jerusalem and the temple. Jews and Samaritans disagreed about how they should worship. As can easily happen with near-neighbours they ended up thinking of each other as the baddies.

The story also reminds us that Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem is an Exodus journey to a new promised land. In the Exodus, where Moses leads his people out of Egypt, God sends his angel, or messenger ahead to guide the people into the land.

James and John see themselves as like the prophet Elijah, who calls down fire from heaven in 2 Kings 1: 10-12. However, Jesus’ journey is different, bringing a message of love and grace – as is emphasised in the story of the Good Samaritan, just a few verses later.

The next few verses show people who want to follow Jesus but have conditions attached. Burying your father was a holy obligation at the time, yet even that is secondary to following Jesus.

Where is Jesus asking us to travel? Are we ready?


Icebreaker/quickbuild  Make an object – we will tell you what you have to create and give you five minutes to work on it!
Story/home Make your way into church. We will read the first prayer (laminated sheets) and listen to the story.

Refreshments are served!
/village You have 20 minutes or so to build something in response to the story, either on your own, or team up with others.  Some ideas:
·         Use fire and lava to show how the village might have been destroyed
·         Build a fox’s den or a nest
·         Make a field that has been ploughed (dug) without looking where you are going. Can you dig straight lines?
·         Your family’s faces if you left without saying goodbye
If you don’t fancy building you can go back to the home village (/home) and read the story again in the church, or read some of the other stories in the library, or you might want to just explore the world, or work on your house.
WonderWhile you are creating, think about these questions with the adults on your table.
I Wonder: 
·         which part of this story you like the best?
·         what part is the most important?
·         where you are in this story or what part of the story is about you?
·         if there is any part of this story we can leave out and still have all the story we need?
There are many other things that can make us WONDER – what are you thinking about?
Final Prayer/home Back to the church for our final prayer (laminated sheet)
Dance/home We’ll put some music on and let your Minecraft characters dance about using jumping or emotes!
GamesFree play while the adults tidy up!!