The Road to Emmaus

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Luke 24: 13-35


Emmaus was probably six or seven miles from Jerusalem, though it could have been further away, and other evidence suggests half the distance (so was Luke thinking of the distance of a round trip, perhaps?). Fortunately the precise distance probably doesn’t matter.

One of the two disciples is Cleopas. Was this the same person as Clopas, whose wife Mary saw Jesus die (John 19:25)? The second traveller could be male or female, so they could be Clopas and Mary. But they could just as easily have been two completely different people!

The writings of Moses (probably not actually by Moses) are the first five books of the Bible, which are the core of Jewish scriptures. Christians look back and in hindsight see Jesus in them.

In those days it was normal to have stories about gods suddenly appearing and disappearing, so this story might not have sounded too strange. Perhaps the key message is that the resurrection showed the disciples that Jesus is God.

Jesus is the disciples’ guest in Emmaus but he acts like a host in taking, blessing, breaking and sharing bread — a reminder of the Last Supper. Those four actions are echoed in our modern services of holy communion in church.


Icebreaker/quickbuild  Make an object – we will tell you what you have to create and give you five minutes to work on it!
Story/home Make your way into church. We will read the first prayer (laminated sheets) and listen to the story.

Refreshments are served!
/emmaus You have 20 minutes or so to build something in response to the story, either on your own, or team up with others.  Some ideas:
·         Make a road and add signposts with questions for Jesus. What would you ask?
·         Create a picnic with food for the travellers to share
·         Create a track between Emmaus and Jerusalem. How quickly can you run back? Can you race your friends?
·         Build Jesus and label the things about him that show it is him
If you don’t fancy building you can go back to the home village (/home) and read the story again in the church, or read some of the other stories in the library, or you might want to just explore the world, or work on your house.
WonderWhile you are creating, think about these questions with the adults on your table.
I Wonder: 
·         which part of this story you like the best?
·         what part is the most important?
·         where you are in this story or what part of the story is about you?
·         if there is any part of this story we can leave out and still have all the story we need?
There are many other things that can make us WONDER – what are you thinking about?
Final Prayer/home Back to the church for our final prayer (laminated sheet)
Dance/home We’ll put some music on and let your Minecraft characters dance about using jumping or emotes!
GamesFree play while the adults tidy up!!