Our final destination on our journey through the Bible takes us on a trip to Damascus, along with Saul a man for whose life became a complete contrast on this journey including changing his name to Paul.  To find out more, watch this video:

  • Marilyn has created a craft that also tells you the story of Saul’s journey.
    1.  If possible, print the templates onto thin card – or print on paper and stick onto card. 
    2. Cut out the circles and colour in the picture and words on the one that says Story of Paul.  Cut the segment out of this circle too. 
    3. Place this circle on top of the circle with the story and make small hole in the centre of both of them. 
    4. If you have a split pin, push this through the centre and open out the two ‘arms’.  You might have to be creative and perhaps use a bent paperclip if you don’t have a split pin. 
    5. You should now be able to turn the top circle so that you can reveal the story of Saul’s journey in each segment.  
  • Damascus is the capital of Syria, a country that has suffered from civil war for many years.  Chris L has found this lovely poem and prayer to help us think about the people of Syria and pray for peace.
  • Paul had to trust people to lead him the rest of the way to Damascus because he couldn’t see.  Could you trust another member of your family to lead you round your house or garden while you are blindfolded?
  • Jesus made a big difference to Paul’s life.  Here are two crafts, one from Janet (Two faces of Paul) and one from Clare (Saul’s Scales) which remind us how Paul having his eyes opened to Jesus love made a big difference to his life.   There’s also a puzzle sheet from Janet.
  • Paul went on to spread the message of the good news about Jesus by travelling to different cities and countries …. There was no Internet in those days!  Later in his life he was put in prison and then had to ‘stay at home’(house arrest) so he spread the word by writing letters.  We cant travel to see family and friends at the moment but we can write to them.  Write a letter or card to someone who doesn’t have Internet access.
  • There’s nothing God can’t do – he could even turn Saul, who was trying to stop people worshipping Jesus, into Paul, who spent the rest of his life helping people to find out about Jesus.  This song reminds us of this: