Our next destination on our journey through the Bible is Emmaus – or more correctly we are going to travel from Jerusalem to Emmaus with two of Jesus’ friends.  They were returning to Emmaus after the crucifixion of Jesus and so were confused and upset by what had happened.  A stranger joined them on the road and explained to them what it was all about.  To read or hear the full story and find out who that stranger was, read the Seriously Surprising Story book that was in your Messy Church bag, or watch the video here:

Now try some of these activities related to the story:

  • Jesus friend were missing him and I am sure you are missing your friends too.  Chris R has sent this friendship paperchain craft which you can do to help you feel connected to your friends and family.
  • We might feel quite surprised that Jesus friends didn’t recognise him but sometimes our eyes and brains play tricks on us.  Try looking at the optical illusions sent by John – https://www.optics4kids.org/illusions  
  • Emma H has sent a puzzle.  It’s a bit tricky, but can you work it out and recognise the name of Jesus?
  • Messy Church always involves food!  The road between Jerusalem would have been dusty and stony.  Try making (and eating!) this recipe for Rocky Road sent by Clare and Chris L

We always end Messy Church with Celebration when we sing some songs and say a prayer.  Chris L has written a prayer especially for our Road to Emmaus theme and John has suggested this song which reminds us that even if we have questions and doubts, God will always walk with us and show us the way … you can join in the actions for this one!