This week are thinking about the sea.  There are lots of Bible stories linked to the sea, some of which we have looked at in Messy Church in the past – Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, Jonah and the whale, Jesus meeting the disciples by the ‘sea’ of Galilee (though in fact it’s a lake).  However, we are going to look a bit more at the story of Paul.  Do you remember that when we were journeying through the Bible our last stop was in Damascus where we learnt how Saul became Paul after a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus?  Paul then went on to became a great traveller, teaching people about Jesus as he went and he often travelled across the Mediterranean sea.  On his final journey he had been arrested and was travelling to Rome for his trial.  The Mediterranean sea can often be rough and stormy – here is the story of how Paul’s ship got caught up in a storm but everyone survived 

  • Here are some puzzles (maze and jumble) and colouring sheets linked to the story
  • There a lots of different ways you can make a boat….
    • An edible one like thisboat made out of pieces of fruit you can use any food that is the right shape
    • A floating origami boat, instructions here –
    • Or can you come up with your own idea?  Send us a photograph!
  • Did you know that things float more easily in salty water than fresh water?  That might come in handy if you were shipwrecked!  Here’s an experiment you can easily do at home to demonstrate it (and you can still use the eggs for cooking afterwards!) –
  • Paul experience lots of difficult and stormy times – being falsely accused, arrested and put in prison but he always trusted God.  Try making a storm in a bottle….. no matter how stormy things become, there is always calm in the end.
  • How do you think it would feel to be caught in a storm at sea?  Would you feel frightened, or maybe it would feel exciting if you knew the ship was safe?  Have you ever thought about the fact that the top part of an anchor is a cross?   An anchor keeps a ship steady and safe in a storm – just as Jesus will keep us safe.  Make an anchor as a reminder of this.

Once again Chris L has written a lovely prayer for us, this time reminding us to trust that God will keep us safe in a storm … and do you remember this song from a month or so ago ?  It also reminds us that God is there for us in difficult times but in this case guiding us through like a lighthouse.