Although some things have changed over the past couple of weeks and there is a little more freedom for people to move around or see more family, nothing has changed at KMC at the time of writing, but the situation is being reviewed.  We are having our Sunday services on line, with a mix of clergy and local preachers leading the worship, so quite a variety of styles and music. Members from our congregation often read the lessons when it is viewed on KMC web site.

June was a busy month for our minister Paul, as he was coming to the end of his probation period and preparing to be received into full connexion at the Methodist Conference.  He should have been away on retreat for a few days, but this had to be done on line, like so many things, but delighted to say that he was received into full connexion at the Methodist Conference on Saturday 27 June, but this was again on line.  So many things have changed.  Not many of the congregation at KMC would have attended the Conference in the normal way, but as it was being shown live on line, many more of us were able to watch Paul and all the other candidates say their ‘I do’ on screen, which was great for us to see, but not quite  as the candidates had expected or would have wanted.  Paul did say that all the candidates could see each other at this stage – the wonders of technology!

So our congratulations to Paul who is no longer a probationer, but when his ordination will take place, no one knows.  We expect it will be sometime in the future when we can gather in larger numbers, something to look forward to, but a shame that the candidates have to wait so long.

Paul and the stewards have had meetings on zoom and we have discussed possible ways of moving forward, and opening for worship, but we are waiting for more directions from the circuit.

One of the best things to come out of this strange way of life for me is Paul’s Thursday Thoughts.  I really look forward to this short time, less than 10 mins, hearing what he has to say, and it always gives me plenty to think about.

If things change in the next couple of weeks or so I could send an update.  Hopefully, before long, there will have been more changes and our church can be open for us to meet for worship, socially distanced of course.

Janet Makepeace.

This article was originally posted in Kidlington News.