It seems we are living in ever more challenging times.  Brexit may be ‘done’ but there is still much uncertainty about the future, Coronavirus is dominating the media and (as I write) storm Chiara has just battered the country.   Recent services at KMC have had readings and sermons that have focused on justice, including an often quoted text from the prophet Micah exhorting us to ‘do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God’.  Even if you don’t do the ‘God bit’, I think most people would agree that these are good rules for living in challenging times.

Within the Methodist Church (and other denominations) an area of challenge has been that of considering marriage and relationships in today’s context.  The Methodist church has produced a wide ranging and thoughtful report looking at many aspects of relationships including whether same sex marriages will be permitted within the Methodist church.   At KMC we have had really positive and useful discussion about the report – respecting different people’s views – and in March we will be hosting further discussion with Methodist churches from around the Oxford Circuit.

At KMC, one aspect of justice that we have focused on recently is climate justice.  During a café church we discussed climate change and what we as individuals and as a church were already doing and could do to reduce our impact on the planet.  From buying plastic free as much as possible, catching and reusing the cold water that would otherwise go to waste when running it hot, to electric cars we discovered many ways, both large and small to tread more lightly on the earth.

Our Transformation project to rebuild and refurbish the ‘front of house’ areas of the church is also designed to produce a more environmentally friendly building.  Fundraising continues and we are just under halfway to our target.  At the beginning of February we were treated to A Taste of India.  This was co-ordinated by Margaret Smith who spent many years living in the Himalayas.  We had a quiz, exhibition and ate delicious curry and dhal prepared by Darsho Kumar and family.  Margaret told us of her experiences of living in a remote part of India and a highlight was an Indian dance beautifully performed by Lizbeth (see photo) – in fact we enjoyed it so much we asked her to perform it again!

Upcoming fundraising events are the Craft Room Clearout sale on 7th March, 9.30am to 1.30pm, and a one woman show by Clare Winterbottom on 13th March from 7.30pm.  Clare is a talented member of St Peter’s Players and a number of us enjoyed her show so much that we asked her to do it again! Titled  – Just Me, Myself, Alone…., it is billed as an evening of poems, songs and monologues in a variety of accents, songs and hats!  Tickets are priced at just £10 including refreshments and are available from Clare (tel 01865 556120).

By the time you read this report, we will be a week or so into Lent.  Many people give up little luxuries during Lent but maybe ‘taking up’ is a more constructive approach.  Going back to Micah, maybe we could resolve to be kinder to others or to the planet  – giving up that coffee in a disposable cup perhaps??