I don’t know whether you have been in the garden, but crocuses and snowdrops are beginning to peep through the soil. Whatever the weather, they find their way. giving us something to look forward to and lift our spirits above these challenging times that we are living in at this moment.

I am going to reflect on our activities in December as I really think they are worth highlighting. Janet mentioned the Christmas bags that went out the families who are attached to Messy Church.   In a bag there was an orange, a candle, a red ribbon, 4 cocktail sticks and sweets. The orange represents the world, the red ribbon is to go round the middle of the orange to remind us that God came to us in the form of Jesus preparing to die for us. The 4 cocktail sticks with sweets added are then put into the orange to represent every corner of the world and the sweets reminding us of His creation. Lastly the candle is put into the top of the orange to show us that God is the light of the world and if we let Him, He will light our path showing us the way, wherever we are, and however our darkness envelopes us, He is always here for us. We also put activities in the bag for all the family.

Our Zac Pack leader has also been very busy sending out recipes and activities to enjoy sharing with their families. We are truly blessed with members in our church who look after the children/young people in our care and are keeping in contact with them, not just the children but their parents and siblings. On Christmas Eve we had carols in the car park with chairs spaced as they should be. It was good to see those who have been self-isolating, able to come and join us in the flesh, so much nicer than seeing faces on a screen. All that week the weather had been very changeable but the sun shone for us that afternoon.

Now, like the other churches, we are in lockdown, so we are encouraged to use zoom and other technological wizardry. Perhaps this is the way forward, at least for most of 2021, but of course we must remember that not everyone has access to a computer.  I still enjoy singing carols so while I am busy in the kitchen, I play my CD of KAOS Christmas concert 2018. I have very understanding neighbours!!!!  

So, what is happening in February?   Easter is early this year so pancake day and the start of Lent will be mid-February. This will be another opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and to prepare ourselves for the long journey to the cross. That seems such a long way away doesn’t it, but keep hopeful and carry on looking at nature to bring you joy and peace and to keep in mind our Creator.

Marilyn King, January 2021

This article was originally posted in Kidlington News.