Posada comes to Kidlington!

Baking using the Posada packFamiles from Messy Church opened their homes to Mary and Joseph during Advent, as part of the Latin American tradition "La fiesta de las Posadas".  Figures of Mary and Joseph, accompanied by a guardian angel, were passed from family to family until returning to take their place in the nativity scene at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve. A "posada" pack went with the figures, encouraging host families to think about "the real reason for the season" while enjoying books, puzzles, craft activities and baking.

Another fine mess..!

Messy ChurchMessy Church is proving a towering success!

Messy Church runs from 4.30pm - 6.30pm on the second Saturday of the month. Why not join us for fun, food and faith?

We welcome everyone from babes in arms to great grans,...but if you are a child, we ask that you bring an adult with you!

The Big Lunch

PaintingIn June 2013 we hosted an event in support of The Big Lunch. This is a one-day celebration backed by the Eden Project, to get friends and neighbours together to enjoy street party-style food and fun. The event included the creation of a community mural marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Pictured adding some artistic touches is three-year-old Elizabeth.

This week's services

Sunday 26th Aug

10.00 am

Alistair Jackson


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Messy Church takes place once a month on Saturdays at 4pm. Check the diary for details, and for more information email messychurch@kidlingtonmethodists.org.uk!

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fairtradeWe are a FAIRTRADE Church Why not join us for morning coffee? Served each Saturday in the church hall between 10am and 12noon.

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